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Magical hair care cream

Magical hair care cream

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It turns out that Barbers Shops uses this to treat customers!

Transform your dry and curly hair into soft in 5 seconds! Restore the shine of the hair, soft and soft soft, a must-have magic for hair care!

Instant hair repair

The power of reparation originates in nature. Advanced technology extracts the effect of soft and fluffy hair

[Macadamia Nut]

Release the antioxidant power of hair

A supercritical fluid extraction process is adopted to make your plant extract a higher anti-damage potency than similar essence, it helps fill worn and brittle hair and damaged areas along the cuticle, smoothing dry frizz and reducing breakage.

It only takes 5 seconds to be completely absorbed
There is no need to wash it. There is no more fear that nutrients will be removed. The hair blows directly. The hair does not adhere after drying. Comb to the end. Soft and fresh.

Comb hair effortlessly
often dry hair and prevents tangles leaves your hair soft and silky with a single brush.

Restores hair elasticity
Make each strand of hair more elastic and replenish all the lost proteins to your hair.

Long-lasting protection
It provides additional moisture that protects the effects of drying, flat ironing, sun damage or chemical treatments. Perfect for daily use on all hair types.



  • Apply a generous amount of magical hair care to wet or dry hair.
  • Leave it on for a minute to allow the ingredients to deeply saturate your braids.
  • Use it daily for best results.



  • Volumen: 200 ml


  • 1 ×Magical hair care cream
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Magical hair care cream

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